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CG PROFESSIONAL is a construction and industrial chemicals brand owned by Caupo Group Oy.

Caupo Group Oy is a dynamic and entrepreneurial 100 % Finnish company with a highly skilled team of professionals. Together with construction professionals and manufacturing partners in Europe, we develop passive fire rated products, house sealing products, tapes, sealants, pu-foams, aerosols, adhesives and related tools to construction enthusiasts in Finland under our brand CG PROFESSIONAL. We are known as high quality supplier of construction materials – ”no compromise – only the best”.

Company was founded in 2014 by Mr. Mika Puttonen. Thanks to our dynamic, experienced and highly skilled team, we have already become one of the favourite suppliers of high quality materials in Finland. Caupo Group Oy is ranked as the fastest growing company in our field of business in Finland.

”In co-operation with professionals we develop and offer reliable product solutions, which are used to build high quality buildings effectively.” – Mr. Mika Puttonen, Managing director

Product series under our CG PROFESSIONAL brand:

  • PROFiSEAL™ sealants and adhesives
  • PROFiSEAL FSA™ (Fire-Smoke-Acoustic) passive fire rated product solutions
  • PROFiPUR™ polyurethane foams and adhesive foams
  • PROFiZIP™ zipper doors
  • PROFiTAPE™ tape solutions
  • FoamMaster™ pu-foam applicators
  • POWERPRESS™ sealant applicators


International contacts:

  • Mr. Mika Puttonen
  • Managing director / exports Europe
  • mika.puttonen(at)caupo.fi
  • Tel. +358 45 310 0404